“I Have The Simplest Tastes.  I Am Always Satisfied With The Best.” Oscar Wilde

The brilliant gentleman who coined the phrase above also said, that a useful thing should never be admired and that an object deserving admiration should never be useful.  Anna Simon, a great fan of the divine Oscar, begs to differ.

The primary function of furniture is its usefulness.  As such, it should be well made, harmonize with the scale of a room and not inspire fear to touch it.  Yet, at the same time these are the objects we look at every day, and to behold a thing of beauty gives pleasure to the eye as well as the spirit.

Anna Simon takes great pride in creating pieces that reflect the comfort and functionality of modern living as well as the attention to detail and beauty of design of the fine furniture makers of the past.  Highest quality of construction is combined with beautiful finishes ranging from rich hardwoods, vibrant metallics and lustrous lacquers (water based and environmentally responsible) to exotic veneers, goatskin parchment, shagreen and aged and oxidized mirror glass produced in studio.

The entire collection can be fully customized with regard to function, scale, and finish in order to create the perfect piece for an interior of style and distinction.